Making the most of the Java rail network

News #222 Nusantara delays, study on Trans-Borneo Railway project, Subic-Batangas rail, new transit line proposed for HCMC, Sapa Airport

The Future Southeast Asia Newsletter features transport and urban development news in Southeast Asia, edited by James Clark.

Hello from Chiang Mai. This week I continue working my way through articles from my Indonesia trip. I’ve been writing about rail travel at Nomadic Notes (my travel site) and I was debating whether this week’s article should be there.

This week’s main article is a proposal to create a Java Rail Pass. This is an addition to the “10 New Balis”, which is a government policy to spread tourism beyond Bali. I have other alternative ideas that are related to infrastructure, so they will be featured in the newsletter.

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The Java Rail Pass is a proposed tourist rail pass to promote train travel in Java and diversify tourism beyond Bali.

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"The Commission on Human Rights (CHR) on Tuesday raised concerns over the sentiments from residents of a fishing village in Ormoc City who feared displacement due to the construction of a new Megacity in their locality."

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"To achieve its goal of becoming an aviation hub by 2030, Thailand should encourage more robust domestic travel and integrate different modes of transport, according to Alton Aviation Consultancy."

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"They include Sa Pa airport, an expressway connecting Sa Pa airport and Sa Pa town, Dong Pho Moi inland port, Kim Thanh – Ban Vuoc inland port and an inland port for Sa Pa airport."

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