News #183: The proposed undersea train to Penang

Malaysia to study proposal for Trans-Borneo Railway, Laos' economic zones, Singapore’s proposed longest elevated cycling bridge, nine rail lines to cost Hanoi $36.3 billion

Hello from Ho Chi Minh City. In site admin news, I finally got around to tagging articles for this newsletter. You can see the topics on the homepage nav bar. A side benefit of this was that I was able to tally how many weekly newsletters have gone out. This week is the weekly newsletter number 183, and the edition number will be in future email headlines. I have posted every Wednesday since April 2020, so thanks for joining me on this project.

This year I have been experimenting with the newsletter format by sending construction and trip reports to subscribers. I am finding though that the email format restricts the number of images (email is not a good platform for multiple photo articles). I’m still working out how to publish, but expect some changes.

This week’s article is about the proposed LRT from George Town to Butterworth in Penang. There is hardly any information about this proposal, but the article got shared on Facebook somewhere, resulting in tens of thousands of views. Clearly the people want an underground train to Penang!

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"The Riau Islands Representative Ombudsman stated that more than 70 percent of residents in five old villages rejected evictions related to the Rempang Eco City project. The government, which stated that the majority of residents agreed to be relocated, was urged to reveal the data."

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