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[News: 17 May 2023] Transit plans for Batam, Bali, Penang and Lapu-Lapu, Hanoi proposes second international airport

Hello from Hua Hin. Here are this week’s feature articles and round-up of news.

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The Bassac River Navigation and Logistics System (“BRNLS”) is a proposed waterway that will connect Phnom Penh to Kampot via the Bassac River. The project would enable goods to be shipped to and from the Phnom Penh Autonomous Port without having to go through Vietnam.

After compiling the fact sheet for this project I wrote an editorial:


🇰🇭 Cambodia

🇮🇩 Indonesia

“The audacious project to build a green and walkable capital city from the ground up.”

🇱🇦 Laos

“The railway link will be opened for public use following the finalisation of the Thailand-Laos train licence agreement.”

“The historic town is on the verge of major changes. Some residents worry that new development could threaten the spiritual essence of the place.”

🇲🇾 Malaysia

“The Penang Chinese Chamber of Commerce says it will encourage more companies, especially high-tech firms, to set up factories.”

🇵🇭 Philippines

Lapu-Lapu City is next to Mactan-Cebu International Airport on the island next to Cebu City. There is no mention in the press releases if this is even connecting to Cebu or part of the Cebu Monorail proposal.

🇸🇬 Singapore

“The price of a permit to own a car, known as a certificate of entitlement (COE), has ballooned to US$75,000 in the land-scarce city state, before even factoring in the car’s cost.”

🇹🇭 Thailand

“The National Gallery of Art is a symbol of mismanagement and wasted time and funds.”

🇻🇳 Vietnam

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