News #194: The Java high-speed railway

Siem Reap airport railway, problems on the Bangkok Pink Line, a province in Vietnam proposes 12 urban railway lines, and more news on transport in Southeast Asia

Hello from Bangkok. I started my trip with a list of construction sites to visit and railways to ride. I took a ride on the new Pink Line Monorail with an idea for one story, and another story emerged in its place. I need to go back to the Pink Line, but the line was closed this week after an incident (link in the news section), so that story is on hold.

This week’s main article is about the proposed high-speed railway to Surabaya. With a population of over 150 million people, Java is an ideal place for a high-speed railway.

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The Jakarta-Surabaya high-speed railway is a proposed extension of the Jakarta-Bandung high-speed railway.


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“The Indonesian Ministry of Transportation has completed 21 of the 35 National Strategic Projects (PSN) in the transportation sector since 2020.”

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KL-Singapore is an ideal city pair for a high-speed railway.

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Bac Ninh Province is east of Hanoi and is included in the Hanoi Capital Region area. Provinces next to big cities are usually included in the rail plans of the big city. For example, the Pink Line of Bangkok is mostly in Nonthaburi Province. This article says that Bac Ninh “envisions constructing twelve urban railway lines.”

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