News: 28 June 2023

Trans-Borneo Railway, Jakarta-Bandung High-Speed Railway reaches 350 km per hour , Penang South Islands reclamation work starts July 1, Pattaya monorail system

Hello from Ho Chi Minh City! I arrived at Tan Son Nhat International Airport and I could see for the first time that construction of Terminal 3 is underway. I also did a walk around to see how the metro construction is going, and there has been progress since I was last here as well.

This week I put together a fact sheet for the Trans-Borneo Railway. There was a new proposal for this railway last month, which got me thinking about all the other times I have read such announcements. It can be quite depressing when you see how much talk there is and how little action is the result. The earliest announcement I found was from 2000, which said that a 3,940-kilometre Trans-Borneo railway line linking all major towns in Sabah, Brunei, Sarawak and Kalimantan would be finished by the year 2010.

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“The inauguration ceremony will take place a day after the Independence Day commemoration according to the planned time.”

“Nusantara aims to be a futuristic green city with zero waste.”

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“The government has no plans to complete the construction of the Putrajaya monorail project to reduce traffic congestion in the area, the Dewan Negara heard today.”

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“Historic shophouses at the centre of the backlash against Democracy Monument Station.”• Bangkok’s AI detection system targets illegal pavement driving

• Last week I posted this article about the dual-track railway in the South. This is a double-tracking of the old line and not a new line. There are plans for two new lines at either end, so there will be some new lines. There is a planned Surat Thani - Donsak line (for ferries to Koh Samui), and there is a planned line from Hat Yai to Songkhla. This post shows what the Songkhla station could look like (click translate to read the rest of the article).

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