Future Hoi An beyond the Ancient Town

[News: 3 May 2023] Rebuilding Cambodia’s gambling Mecca, Last batch of units for Jakarta-Bandung high-speed railway shipped, Penang South Islands project gets Putrajaya’s final approval

Hello from Hua Hin! I was here last year and I said I would come back when the new railway station was open. It was meant to be finished by now, but I arrived last week and the new station is still a construction site. Maybe I will come back next year if/when it is open. Here is a list of Hua Hin projects that I compiled from my last visit.

This week I have a trip report from my recent stay in Hoi An, where there is more to this city than the ancient town.

I am also compiling a full list of projects from Da Nang to Hoi An, and I have made a fact sheet for a new urban area in Hoi An.

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The Da Nang-Hoi An resort coast, more new urban areas, the fragile beaches of Hoi An, and the hidden casino resort from Macau.

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Casamia Hoi An is a new urban area in the Bay Mau Coconut Forest of Cam Thanh Commune in Hoi An.


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“…there had been “more than 400” weekly flights prior to Covid, operated by 22 airlines and connecting Phnom Penh, Siem Reap and Sihanoukville with 37 Chinese destinations.”

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“Laos is disturbingly reliant on investment from China – and no one knows how much, and under what terms.”

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“The go-ahead was given with 71 conditions under an elaborate environmental management plan.”

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“The T2 passenger terminal of Phu Bai International Airport in Hue has been inaugurated after more than three years of construction.”

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