Future railways of Southeast Asia

Penang construction report, first section of Sulawesi Railway is officially open, riding every MRT line in Singapore, and helicopters for Sa Pa.

Hello from Ho Chi Minh City! I’ve been researching railways in Vietnam, which lead me to this week’s article about railways under construction in Southeast Asia. As you can see from the table, Vietnam is the laggard of the pack.

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Penang construction update (2023 edition)[Upgrade subscription to read]

Trip report for my visit to Penang in March 2023. New hotels questionably close to the old town, an endangered historic cinema, and land reclamation mania.


News from my homeland that could be applied to Southeast Asia.

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Related to this news is this short video.

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I was in Penang last month so I didn’t get to check this out. Commenters are pointing out that there is no bridge to connect the car park to the airport.

“Building a new city in east Malaysia can help ensure Sabah and Sarawak do not orbit around Nusantara.”

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