News #191: Hanoi construction update

Sinking cities, Cambodia's grand canal, Indonesia’s new capital unloved and unfunded, Malaysia's 'ghost city', 2 new bridges planned in HCMC, and more.

This week’s feature article is part II of my Hanoi trip (part I covered the metro system). I also wrote an article on my travel site about the special train service to the old train factory (a good example of adaptive reuse). There is also a News Extra article for paid subscribers.

Here is this week’s round-up of transport and urban development news in Southeast Asia.

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News Extra

Map-making update, how not to build a new Bali, build better cities and not single-developer cookie-cutter towns, and the big real estate/banking scandal in Vietnam.


🇰🇭 Cambodia

“The new Koh Pich Central Park will offer education as well as relaxation in the heart of Phnom Penh, where natural park lands are few and far between.”

🇮🇩 Indonesia

“Rapid transit buses that ferry workers in and out of Jakarta have become hugely popular and are key to net zero ambitions.”

“We have the opportunity to befriend an Asian country with a huge population, a large and growing economy, and a strategic location.”

🇱🇦 Laos

🇲🇾 Malaysia

🇵🇭 Philippines

🇸🇬 Singapore

“To place the Republic’s built environment on a more sustainable footing, developers need to turn away from demolishing and rebuilding, and move instead to adaptive reuse.”

🇹🇭 Thailand

Japanese investors eye rail line”Japanese investors have expressed interest in investing in Red Line electric train extension projects, said Transport Minister Suriya Jungrungreangkit.”

Red, Purple lines start B20 flat fareAgency predicts completion of railway bridge by 2029”The Neighbouring Countries Economic Development Cooperation Agency (Neda) expects the new bridge facilitating the Thailand-China high-speed train project's crossing between Thailand and Laos to be completed by 2029.”

🇻🇳 Vietnam

Quadrillion = a number equal to 1 followed by 15 zeros. As I have written before, Vietnam needs to lop zeros off its currency.

"Cecen said his firm is eyeing the Thu Thiem – Long Thanh Railway, Ho Chi Minh City’s Metro Line No. 4 and Hanoi’s Metro Line No. 5 in the capital."

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