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News #213: Bali railway news, Cambodia’s US$16 billion ‘eco-city', Phnom Penh to be pedestrianized, Penang LRT project on track, Philippine Railway Development Plan, two new Thai airports to start in 2027

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Hello from Bali. I’m three-quarters of the way through my rail-themed trip across Indonesia, having covered Sumatra and Java so far.

There is no railway in Bali, but there are plans for various railways on the island, including an underground railway from the airport to Kuta, and then eventually to Canggu. Regular readers here may remember that I made a Bali railway map using previous railway proposals as a guide. I was contacted by the Department of Transport in Bali about this map and was invited to meet with them in Denpasar.

James at the Dept of Transport for Bali Province

I already have so much to write about regarding the railways of Indonesia, but after seeing some new maps of proposed railways in Bali I might have to bump the Bali content up the publishing queue. Once I finish this trip I will be staying in one place for two months where I will work my way through these reports.

The fourth part of this trip is in Makassar, where I will report on the progress of the Trans-Sulawesi Railway.

This week’s feature article is my trip report for my Singapore visit. For some reason, I had never posted a construction report for Singapore, so it was good to explore the city and see what is new. I spent three days walking around, and after having spent time in places that are hard to walk in, I appreciated how easy walking in Singapore is (despite the heat).

Speaking of walking, I have some urban walking to do in Bali, so I will get this newsletter out the door.

If you have any comments about the railways or the news items below, hit reply or leave a comment on the online version (click view online). It’s always good to know who is reading!

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This is an observation of construction and urban development in Singapore from my visit in April 2024.


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“Feasibility studies for two new international airports in Thailand – Andaman Airport in the South and Lanna Airport in the North – should be complete this year with construction set to start by 2027, according to Airports of Thailand (AOT).”

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