News #187: Ho Chi Minh City construction update

Unofficial HCMC Metro website, pan-Borneo railway, Philippines gets new railway funding offers, Japan pledges support for Vietnam HSR

Hello from Chiang Mai. This week I published the 5th annual Ho Chi Minh City construction report. It was in HCMC where I began to take an interest in urban development in Southeast Asia, which lead to starting this site.

It was in HCMC where I also found an interest in urban rail transit while waiting for the metro to open. I have probably bookmarked every single news article about the metro, so the next logical step has been to make a website about it (link below).

I have a visa run coming up next week, and I should have two more construction reports for 2023.

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This is the 5th annual Ho Chi Minh City construction update at Future Southeast Asia.

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New site: hochiminhcitymetro . com

I started a new website about the HCMC Metro at The metro is supposedly opening in July 2024, so I figured I would make a guide. that will be ready when it opens.

Without any metro lines running, I wondered what the site would look like if every proposed line was running, so I added all the future lines on the navigation bar.

I will put news updates on the Facebook page.


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“Govt eyes 2027 finish for dual-track system.”

"The plan to build a “Land Bridge” from the Gulf of Thailand to the Andaman Sea as a route for international trade was given the green light on October 16."

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“An urban project in Ha Long Bay that encroaches on a protected area has been put on hold for some environmental issues to be resolved.”

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