A guide to the construction frenzy in Phu Quoc

Cleaning up the canals of Phnom Penh, a look at Vang Vieng station in Laos, Vietnamese modernist architecture, and more construction and transport news around Southeast Asia.

[Marina Square - one of the many mini-Europe projects in Phu Quoc.]

After visiting the island of Phu Quoc last month I’ve put together what clickbait websites might call “The ultimate guide to Phu Quoc!”. Regular readers will know that I’m not one for using hyperbolic headlines, but I will say that there is no guide as comprehensive as what you about to read.

This week I have two articles about Phu Quoc in Vietnam. I actually wrote three articles, with the other one scheduled to be published on Nomadic Notes (subscribe for updates). I needed to write them all at once to keep my notes straight. In the process of writing these articles another topic formed that will require a post of its own.

The two articles can be read in any order. The construction update is a snapshot of work progress in 2021. The Future Phu Quoc post lists every known project that is planned or under construction.

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Updated Posts


"Transport Minister Saksayam Chidchob has urged agencies to expedite the southern land bridge megaproject, which will connect the Gulf of Thailand with the Andaman Sea."

Other News

“Construction is set to boost ASEAN’s Covid-19 recovery, largely owing to a renewed public sector commitment to infrastructure development to spur inclusive growth and generate jobs, as mapped out in a new Covid-19 Response Report (CRR).”


“Phnom Penh authorities have removed piles of grass, trash, and mud along a canal in Phnom Penh in a move to reduce flooding during heavy rain, an official said.”


“In breaking through old bottlenecks, Indonesia’s president has blurred the lines between the state and private enterprise.”


A Vlogger in Laos walking around the Vang Vieng railway station.


“The Philippine government has suspended work on a bridge that would connect the islands of Coron and Culion in the coral rich region of Palawan. Activists, Indigenous groups and marine experts say the project would threaten the rich coral biodiversity in the area as well as the historical shipwrecks that have made the area a prime dive site.”


“Alternatives to enhanced KL-Singapore connectivity exist, such as a high-speed electric bus system.”


“Landfill, waste sorting and recycling operations take over Thailand’s Eastern Economic Corridor, polluting traditional farmland.”

“After calling Bangkok home for more than seven years, my happy place isn’t a hole-in-the-wall noodle joint or a tucked-away temple—it’s the pleather backseat of a motorcycle taxi.”

“One of Bangkok’s top property developers has announced it will now accept cryptocurrency in exchange for its houses and condos.”


“Modernism is an architectural approach associated with functional and minimalist design. But in Vietnam, where the movement grew more organically in the mid-20th century, a unique style evolved as everyday citizens added their own decorative flourishes to these concrete structures.”

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