Future Laos railways (after the Vientiane-Boten Line opens)

Support for KL-Singapore HSR revival continues, Cebu-Cordova bridge main span now connected, and a proposed airport for Sa Pa.

With the China-Laos Railway now doing test runs before its official opening in December, expect to see more news reports in the lead up to this historic occasion. In preparation for this, I’ve updated my websites that cover the topic.

As regular readers here know, I have a travel site at Nomadic Notes. Over the years I was posting more articles about construction and infrastructure related to travel, but it made more sense to give those kinds of articles a new home. Thus Future Southeast Asia was born.

This week’s article is an expanded article from an old post at Nomadic Notes, which has now moved to Future Southeast Asia. This article covers all of the future railways of Laos.

The old Nomadic Notes article will instead cover current railway travel in Laos. This post will include stations, schedules, ticket prices, and other useful information for travellers. There is still not much information in English, and the official website is broken. I will collate any information I can find, and hopefully, I get to do an in-person review as soon as it is possible to travel to Laos.

One bit of information I found out this week is that there will be a local train running in addition to the express railway service. The local train will stop at all stations and will be considerably cheaper than the express service that only stops at 5 locations. This is similar to the local train services in Thailand, such as the Bangkok-Chumphon slow train.

It will be interesting to watch how tourism evolves along this railway. While the express train will obviously benefit places like Vang Vieng and Luang Prabang, the local train will present an opportunity for enterprising tourism businesses to try and lure people off at a local station.

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“Old, industrial buildings in Hà Nội may well have run their course with many looking like a blot on the capital’s landscape. But architectural experts believe some of these empty units could provide the ideal location to create cultural spaces, giving dilapidated properties a new lease of life.”

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