Introducing the Future Southeast Asia Job Board

The place to find construction, transport, and infrastructure jobs in Southeast Asia.

I’ve been asked about how to find jobs at the various projects that are featured at, so to answer that question I have created a job board.

The job listings will be for professional jobs in Southeast Asia related to the theme of this site: construction, transport, infrastructure, and urban development.

These jobs could be at a new airport in Vietnam, a railway project in Malaysia, an urban transit line in Thailand, a wind farm in the Philippines, or a new urban area in Indonesia, to name but a few scenarios. Remote work will also be listed if it is related to a project in the region.

Help get the site started

The job board is in beta, which is a fancy way of saying that it’s a brand-new site with no listings yet. The most useful way to help out is to set up a profile as a candidate or employer. Even if your company isn’t hiring at the moment, you can create a public profile that is searchable online.

Once the site is running with live listings I can get a feel for how it should operate. There will likely be a newsletter that gives a weekly summary of job listings, and that will be separate from this list(I won’t add this list to it). I will make updates in the regular weekly newsletter until then.

If you have a company or are looking for work, I would appreciate it if you registered. If you know an appropriate company or candidate, then please forward this newsletter to them.

Thank you for your support in this project.

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