Ho Chi Minh City construction update - Volume IV

All tunnels drilled through on Jakarta-Bandung High-Speed Railway, Malaysia considers Korean-built maglev for city transport, Bangkok's Yellow, Pink lines to open for limited trial next year, and more

Hello from Hoi An! I’m on the road again, collecting information for some future articles.

This week’s feature article is the 4th annual Ho Chi Minh City construction update. I started doing these construction updates at Nomadic Notes, with the first construction update for HCMC appearing in 2015. It soon became evident that I needed a new sight away from my travel site so I can go deeper into construction, transport, and infrastructure.

These construction updates are like a time machine. I look back at the 2015 post and see how much has changed since then. And now that travel is fully open in Southeast Asia I will be doing annual posts for the major cities.

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It’s been blazing hot in Central Vietnam this month, and a/c has been essential. I also think about the impact of air conditioning whenever I see a bank of a/c units like this. I will make a resource page about air conditioning in Southeast Asia.

[Air conditioning in Da Nang.]

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“Casino and ports billionaire plans to build world's largest solar power project.”

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“Transport Minister Saksayam Chidchob has downplayed a threat from Hopewell (Thailand) Co regarding a criminal lawsuit against the government for failing to pay several billion baht in compensation over a cancelled transport project about two decades ago.”

• If Future Southeast Asia was a thing in 1542, then the news of the Chao Phraya River shortcut canals would have been a big story. @bkkgreg (who occasionally guest posts here) made a map of the Chao Phraya River before and after the canals were dug.

🇻🇳 Vietnam

“Authorities in northern Lao Cai Province have approved planning for a 3,100-hectare urban tourism complex in Y Ty Commune, famed for its stunning rice terraces.”

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