Ho Chi Minh City construction update – 2020 edition

How Ho Chi Minh City is building its way through the pandemic.

This week I have another annual construction update, this time from my home base of Ho Chi Minh City.

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A summary of major building and infrastructure projects under construction in Ho Chi Minh City in 2020.

Despite the pandemic, there are still some big projects going ahead in Ho Chi Minh City. It helps that the city is not just reliant on tourism, and that some projects are already funded.

There are some landmark buildings underway that may put the city more prominently on the tourist map once travel starts again. There is a new opera house that could become the next Sydney Opera House (At least that’s what the developer dreams of), and an iconic new tower from the same designer as the MahaNakhon tower in Bangkok.

At Ho Chi Minh City’s central square, there are two towers rising that will resemble dragons holding a pearl under their mouth (if rendered as 8-bit dragons). This will overlook a central metro station with a 3-line interchange.

Meanwhile, a new airport is about to start construction that will eventually have 4 runways and be one of the biggest airports in Southeast Asia.

Other News


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Ever wondered what it would look like if all those overhead wires you see in Bangkok caught on fire?


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