Is it worth building the proposed North Bali airport?

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Hello from Ho Chi Minh City! I got back from the central coast of Vietnam this week, so I will have some updates about Danang and Hoi An in the next few weeks.

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North Bali International Airport

North Bali International Airport (Bandara International Bali Baru) is a proposed second airport in the north of Bali, Indonesia. 

Out of all the proposed airports in Southeast Asia, North Bali Airport might be the worst of the lot. I thought this project would have quietly been put in the too-hard basket during the great pandemic, but then I got a news alert about this project in October. I don’t think it will be built, but I have made a fact sheet for future reference.

I don’t envy the decision-makers on what to do with Bali’s airport problem. The current airport only has one runway, so matter how many new terminals they build they can only serve a limited number of flights per hour. I found this out on my last trip to Bali when our flight was stuck on the tarmac for over half an hour.

[Vietjet Air at DPS.]

What are Bali’s airport options?

The most obvious first option is expanding the current airport. When you look at the satellite map you will see why this hasn’t happened, and probably never will.

[View map of Ngurah Rai International Airport.]

I’ve drawn a rough line where a second runway would need to go, as well as the expansion of the airport property. As you can see it would require the acquisition of hundreds of properties, as well as destroying a beach.

The second option is the current plan for a new airport near Singaraja in the north. You have the same problem there of acquiring land, thus the idea of building the airport in the sea. There still needs to be a landside section though, and acquiring land is already proving difficult.

If by some miracle this airport is built, the next problem is getting everyone from the airport to the south. Airport supporters are talking up the prospect of the airport opening up tourism in the north. There’s no way of knowing exactly how many will stay in the north, but one estimate says that around 95 percent of all arrivals will want to travel south.

Kubutambahan (the proposed airport location) is 95 km from Kuta Beach, so an airport in the sea would be 100 km from Kuta. To put that in perspective, the distance between Shanghai Pudong Airport and The Bund is 45 km by road. Much of that route is covered with the Maglev (the fastest commercial train in the world).

There is talk of a north-south tollway being built, but that won’t be for the entire trip. Previous plans for the airport also included a railway from the airport. There have also been plans for a Bali railway, but at this point they are still deciding over how to build the first 5 km. The tollway and railway have the same problem as the two airports - there is no land reserved for such projects. As I said, I don’t envy whoever is urban planning in Bali.

Another airport was proposed in the far west of the island in Jembrana Regency. When looking at the map I imagined it to be like a new Changi Airport, tucked away in the far corner of the island. Then I remembered that Bali is eight times the size of Singapore. Jembrana is also 100 km from Kuta, so that is not a solution either.

Looking at this, I don’t see the new airport as a solution to Bali’s air travel woes (assuming that air travel gets back to pre-pandemic levels again). Maybe a capped amount of flights at DPS would be a way of containing over-tourism in the future. They would be better off spending money on fixing roads and building a rail transit system.

Updated Posts


Laos-China railway may not be completed on schedule


Last week there was a news story that suggested that Malaysia might build the KL-Singapore high-speed rail project without Singapore. Malaysia have since said that they remain in discussions. It would be ridiculous to build the railway without including Singapore, so my guess is that Malaysia are bluffing to try and cut a better deal. The new deadline for this stalled project is December 31, so hopefully there is good news on this in January.


B40bn high-speed train contracts inked

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