Living In Asia News: September 2020

A summary of new articles and updated posts at in September 2020.

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Articles Published In September 2020

The Phuket Light Rail is a proposed light rail transit system for the island of Phuket in Thailand, connecting the airport to Phuket Town and Chalong.

Shwe Kokko New City is a planned new urban area and casino city in Myanmar. The development is at the township of Shwe Kokko (also transliterated as Swe Koke Ko) on the Moei River, which forms the Myanmar-Thailand border.

Thanh Long Bay is a resort/new urban development in Binh Thuan province on the South Central Coast region of Vietnam. The project covers an area of 90.3 ha with a beach front of 1.7km. It includes resort villas, apartments, hotels, and shophouses.

The Trans-Sulawesi Railway is a proposed railway that would connect the two biggest cities in Sulawesi, from Makassar in the south to Manado in the North.

The Pattaya Monorail is a proposed railway that would connect the future Pattaya high-speed railway station with the popular beach area of the city.

Updated Articles





There were numerous news articles about the proposed Thai Canal this month. When one news agency posts an article, others follow. I’ve added more articles on the Thai Canal page as well.


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