Nha Trang - 2020 construction updates and new projects

The Vietnam beach boomtown in the midst of the pandemic slowdown.

Last week I visited Nha Trang where I updated the Future Nha Trang guide. During my wanders around the city, I found that even Google Maps was getting some information wrong about projects under construction. There wrong names labeled in Maps, and sites pinned on the wrong location.

In addition to the update, I posted two new articles about Nha Trang.

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A summary of Nha Trang construction activity in 2020.

Nha Trang in the South Central Coast region of Vietnam has been booming over the last decade. The city used to be a favourite destination for Russian tourists, then at some point over the last few years Chinese tourism became the biggest market. When I visited in 2019 I marveled at how many flights to Chinese cities were arriving at Cam Ranh airport. I wrote about that in my 2019 aviation report.

Like so many other places in Southeast Asia, Nha Trang had an over-reliance on Chinese tourism, leaving it vulnerable to a massive downturn should something go wrong. Returning in 2020 during the pandemic I found dozens of towers that are empty, and most of the tourist shops closed.

While the tourism industry is in tatters, the construction industry is limping along. There are several big construction sites that are still working. If they have already been paid for then they may as well keep building and hope that things restart in a year or so.

Vega City Nha Trang is a coastal resort/new urban area that features hotels, villas, shophouses, and an entertainment area.

One of the places I visited was Vega City Nha Trang. This site has had different proposals over the years, and now it is fully underway. I’m publishing more of these project profile pages for search traffic. There’s not much information on these sorts of projects, apart from real estate companies flooding the search results with sales pitches.

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