Quy Nhon construction report

Introducing a new feature - Construction Updates. The first feature city is Quy Nhon in the South Central Coast region of Vietnam.

Living In Asia features the Future Asia series, which catalogs major developments happening in cities of Southeast Asia. These pages are updated over time when new projects are announced. As these pages are continually changing, I'm adding a new category: Construction Updates. These pages will be a snapshot of a city in time, and as such they wont need to be updated. This will be especially useful for cities that I revisit frequently, such as Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur.

The first construction update is for Quy Nhon in Vietnam. There is already a Future Quy Nhon page which shows projects under construction, proposed projects, and some that may never be built. The Construction Updates will serve as a historical archive. Perhaps we will look back at this 2020 post in 10 years time and marvel at how small the Quy Nhon city skyline looked back then.

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Quy Nhon 2020 construction update

Construction progress report for major projects in Quy Nhon as of June 2020.

Southeast Asia Railways

“The US Defense Department has listed a potentially major Cambodian railroad infrastructure partner, China Railway Construction Corp (CRCC), as an entity “owned or controlled” by the People’s Liberation Army.”

While more attention has been paid to the China-Laos railway, Thailand is preparing for a high-speed railway that will connect to this railway. Here is a projection of what the new Ayutthaya station will look like (via @TransportDailyNews (in Thai)).

Other News


“While China is often criticised for the negative influence it wields over Southeast Asian affairs, Japan's role in backing authoritarian regimes and promoting rights abuses in the region remains far less publicised, but arguably no less pernicious.”


“Phnom Penh is now flooding due to rainfall in less than a day, whereas in the past, it would take two weeks of rain for the capital to flood.”


“A new smart city that prioritises people and the environment with the help of technology may be a model in a post-pandemic world.”



“World heritage site vulnerable to earthquake possibility, Thai specialist says.”


“Penang will go ahead with its mega projects under the RM46bil Penang Transport Master Plan (PTMP) and also the RM100mil Penang Hill cable car project even without funding from the Federal Government.”

“The Penang government today revealed plans to reclaim about 60ha off the Free Industrial Zone (FIZ) in Bayan Baru.”


Editorial article by David Holden.

“The Scala, Thailand's last remaining stand-alone movie theatre, closes its doors with special screenings, including Cinema Paradiso and Blow-Up.”


It’s amazing that such a building would even be contemplated for demolition, but the city has a history of heritage loss so it should be surprising.

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