The futuristic megaprojects of Singapore

Land clearance for the Sulawesi Railway, China-Laos Railway scheduled to open in December this year, smart card plans for HCMC transport, and more construction and transport news in Southeast Asia.

Considering how many places I’ve featured in the Future Cities series, I’m surprised I took so long to feature Singapore. Perhaps I thought it was already in the future, or at least compared to other capitals in Southeast Asia.

There are few cities in the world that are as meticulous with their future planning as Singapore. The Urban Redevelopment Authority website gives you a glimpse of the level of planning. Singapore also include the natural environment as part of their planning, with every tree accounted for, and a million more being planted.

One thing I haven’t touched on is Singapore’s sand imports, which will be a topic for another post.

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Indonesian farmers refuse to budge for train line through karst landscape

"Farmers in Indonesia’s South Sulawesi province have rejected government offers to buy their land for a railway project, saying they depend on it for their livelihood."


Laos-China Railway scheduled to open in December this year

""The Laos-China Railway will be completed in November, and will be open and ready for use by Laos National Day on 2 December," said Deputy Prime Minister Sonexay."


High-speed railways and Vietnam's options

Other News

A glimpse into Japan’s understated financial heft in South-East Asia

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Duterte said China pledged billions of dollars to the Philippines. What happened to it?

“Five years into his six-year term as president, Rodrigo Duterte is still to deliver many of the Build, Build, Build infrastructure projects he claimed had China’s backing.”

ANALYSIS: Why Build, Build, Build won’t fix Manila’s traffic

The Philippines’ office space market goes into a freefall


The ultra-rich are driving a $24 billion property frenzy in Singapore


Court rejects govt Hopewell petition

“The Central Administrative Court has rejected a petition lodged by transport authorities seeking a retrial of the 2019 ruling by the Supreme Administrative Court in the "Hopewell saga".”

Construction workers in Phuket must stay on site, get tested for Covid weekly


Poor urban planning leaves Hà Nội streets under water

Hà Nội cleans up its pond life

HCM City wants to use one smart card for all public transport

One of my nightmares about the HCMC Metro (among the delays and cost blowouts) is that there would not be a unified ticket system between metro and buses (and even metro lines built by different companies). It sounds crazy, but that is what happened in KL and Bangkok (the Mangmoom card has still not been launched in Bangkok).