Transport and construction plans for Hua Hin

Work on Vientiane-Vung Ang railway expected to start in November, Bangkok Grey Line and Purple Line news, Long Thanh International Airport update, and more!

Greetings from Melbourne, where I have just arrived for a short break. I was in Bangkok yesterday, and it now seems like a distant memory that I was in Hua Hin a few days ago.

After last week’s feature of a proposed high-speed railway from Bangkok to Hua Hin (and maybe KL), I visited Hua Hin to have a look around. One of my main concerns is that Thailand plans to build high-speed railways alongside newly rehabilitated meter-gauge railways. Here is the new Hua Hin Station that will host the new double-tracked meter-gauge, with the current single line next to it. There is no space left for a future high-speed rail, which is still being considered. I will have another post on this subject.

With improved train speeds and possible new international flights, Hua Hin should expect more development. This week’s article covers future transport and construction plans in Hua Hin.

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“The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) is seeking private companies interested in investing in its Grey Line monorail project as construction is due to begin in 2026.”

“Work expected this year and completed in 2027.”

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"More than 1,000 workers and engineers are operating 600 vehicles and machines to level ground and build a drainage system for Long Thanh International Airport."

Da Lat Airport is looking to expand to be able to handle larger aircraft, such as Airbus A380 and Boeing 787.

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