Tuy Hoa - A future domestic tourism hotspot in Vietnam

An emerging tourism destination on the south-central coast of Vietnam.

If 2020 had gone according to plan I’d probably be in Borneo by now. I had a list of places I planned to visit this year, carefully aligned to coincide with conferences and the varying seasons of Southeast Asia. After The Rona hit I scrapped my travel plans and deleted the list, so I don’t quite remember what was in store for June.

I feel fortunate at least to be inside Vietnam, so while I am here I will be making the most of unplanned travel opportunities. Last week I visited the provincial city of Tuy Hoa, which I have been hearing more about as an emerging travel destination.

[Tuy Hoa city beach.]

There is hardly any information about what is happening there in English, and my usual sources hadn’t been updated for years. This trip highlighted how important it is to do some boots-on-the-ground research. I hired a motorbike and rode around the coast to see what was happening. I also looked on Google Maps satellite view, and if there was a large clearing I would mark that as a place to visit.

I plan to do more of these research trips as the subscriber base for Living In Asia grows.

Here is this week’s post about Tuy Hoa and Phu Yen province.

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Future Tuy Hoa – Phu Yen

Tuy Hoa is the capital of Phu Yen province, and like much of the south-central coast of Vietnam there are miles of world-class beaches in this province.

I’ve heard Vietnamese friends talking this province up as the next big thing. Having just visited I can say now that it’s not going to trouble the likes of Da Nang or Nha Trang anytime soon, but there is definitely a lot of new interest in the city and surrounds.

Tuy Hoa is served by a domestic airport, so it is not going to compete with the other coastal tourism giants. This may be its advantage though. While the other destinations are going big, Tuy Hoa is still low rise and retains the laid-back feel that has long gone from Nha Trang.

Here is what is happening in the city of Tuy Hoa.

Southeast Asia Railways

“Renovating existing tracks is quicker and cheaper than building high-speed lines.”

“China Railway Guangzhou Engineering Group drilled through the Ban Nakok Tunnel, the Second Longest Tunnel along the China-Laos Railway”.

Other News


“Cambodia has enacted a sweeping new legal approach to construction since the deadly Sihanoukville building collapse that killed 28 workers and their family members. But with legislation in hand, has anything changed for the labourers building the Kingdom a year on?”

In my last post about the new Phnom Penh airport, I asked the question of what would be the fate of the old airport. It turns out it will be used “only for the head of state, heads of local governments and Cambodian senior leaders, as a military airbase, for domestic flights, private jets and for diplomatic officials and foreign leaders.”


“After COVID-19, what do Balinese want their island’s ‘new era’ to look like?”


“Construction of a 113.50-km expressway linking Vientiane and Vangvieng is now over 70 percent complete and authorities expect an official handover ceremony to take place at the end of this year.”



“A construction site at Bonifacio Global City in Taguig has been placed under a localized lockdown, starting Tuesday up to July 7, as authorities confirmed some workers there tested positive for COVID-19.”


“Ann Goh, a tenant at various malls in Singapore, and a landlord to the merchants who rent space in her shops, explains how tenants and landlords need each other to survive in the long term.”

“Some migrant worker housing will be in residential areas, forcing Singaporeans to confront long-held biases.”


“Bangkok is now home to the country’s first ever “garden bridge.””

“The Fine Arts Department has begun rebuilding a demolished trading post that once belonged to the Bombay Burmah Trading Co in Phrae on Monday.”

“The construction of Aiyerweng skywalk in the Thai-Malaysian border district has been 77 per cent completed but been temporarily suspended due to the Covid-19 pandemic”.

Here is a video of what it is supposed to look like:


“After breaking ground in 2011 it is still unclear when the much-delayed Cat Linh - Ha Dong Metro line will begin commercial operations.”

“Phu My Garden is the work of TAA DESIGN architecture firm and is located in a new urban neighborhood that’s home to both residential and industrial areas.”

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